Thursday, January 11, 2007

Progression into Beauty - Directory

For those of you that are following my "Progression into Beauty" series, here is a directory containing all the blog links, with a short description of their content, for you to follow to the different entries (the links are between the astericks on each line):

*Sharing (9) Posted: 7/25/10 Content: Decision to attend casting call for "Biggest Loser" with Gaby

*Sharing (8) Posted: 8/14/09 Content: Feast for the Senses

*Sharing (7) Posted: 08/11/09 Content: Let the LIVING begin!

*Sharing (6)* Posted: 07/03/08 Content: My Feet

*Sharing (5)* Posted: 06/20/08 Content: Growing by the Minute

*What Is My Body For?* Posted: 04/07/08 Content: Assignment from Reiki Master Teacher

*Sharing (4)* Posted: 08/30/07 Content: BUG!

*Sharing (3)* Posted: 08/23/07 Content: New Script

*Sharing (2)* Posted: 03/26/07 Content: Reflection Awareness

*Sharing (1)* Posted: 03/09/07 Content: Lightness of Being

*Confession #11* Posted: 03/08/07 Content: Changing the energy and title of column

*Confession #10* Posted: 03/08/07 Content: Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

*Confession #9* Posted: 02/28/07 Content: Discovering Corpulent

*Confession #8* Posted: 01/30/07 Content: Staying in the Game and report on progress

*Confession #7* Posted: 01/29/07 Content: Electronic Dating for the Fat Girl

*Confession #6* Posted: 01/22/07 Content: Invisibility of the Fat Girl

*Confession #5* Posted: 01/19/07 Content: Wounding my own daughter with my words

*Confession #4* Posted: 01/18/07 Content: Definition of Morbid Obesity

*Confession #3* Posted: 01/17/07 Content: "Lunch Truck" and first report on progress

*Confession #2* Posted: 01/16/07 Content: excerpt from upcoming book, "Above the Clouds"

*Confession #1* Posted: 01/12/07 Content: introduction; statement of goal


Kristen said...

Dear Angie,

I stumbled upon this section of your blog several days ago, and while I haven't read any of it (it feels as if I would be prying if I read stuff from past posts?), I am very excited by the idea of layering inside of your blog. I'd love to contain a weight and/or art journey inside of my blog, but not right out in front. Could you tell me how you layered this inside of the blog? However, if it is too complex to explain, feel free to ignore this "comment." :) . . . . I think that I noticed somewhere that you did website design, and so if your website advice isn't free, I completely understand, and am willing to pay for it if/when I am able to.

I send you a bundle of Loves in a bunch!

Phoenix Touch said...

Oh hello, my friend!

Please DO feel free to read through these old posts if you feel so inclined. That's why they are here. :) Anything I post in this blog is fair game. If I don't want you or anyone else to know something, I just don't post it. LOL... ye-eah... I am a Wordy Wordsmith so I want EVERYONE to read what I write. :)

As for the layers, while tedious, it is more simple than you are probably thinking. The directory is just a post of links to other posts. :) If you need more than that, let me know.


Kristen said...

Thanks for answering my inquiry Angie. I do understand what you mean, in essence, of linking posts to posts (I get that). But, what I can't figure out is where you post what you want to link to: Does it have to be posted originally on your main blog, or do you need to start another blog to link to?

Thank you for your generosity in sharing your knowledge :)

With love,

Genius Community Nest