Tuesday, August 11, 2009

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I consciously began the process of regaining my body back in January of 2007. I believed, back then, that starting it AND writing about it would support me in reaching my goals, which I had clearly defined for myself and the world in my very first post, Confessions of the Fat Girl. My goals were focused, solely, on losing weight. Lots of weight.

When I switched the title of my project two months later from Confessions of the Fat Girl to Progression into Beauty, I had no idea what making the commitment to progress into beauty would unleash in my world. Since making that commitment, I have faced the "stay or go" decision twice - two opportunities to leave the earth or stay. Two! Once with West Nile Virus and again almost 2 months ago on June 17, 2009. On both occasions, I was visited by a disembodied voice who offered a choice, "Angie, you can choose to stay or you can choose to go. Which is it?"

Each time, I chose to stay.

This last time around, something shifted in me. They could find nothing wrong with me at the hospital. In fact, all the tests came back with the results that I was "perfect." Interesting. I'm perfect? Then why the hell am I laying in this hospital bed feeling like I am disappearing?

I was dissatisfied with that answer and decided to take my own life into my own hands and get busy BEING ALIVE! I called my doctor, Todd Cameron, ND, the very next day. When I sat across his desk from him, I said, "Todd, it's time. I've chosen to stay here AND I am committed to being alive. Let's get busy creating my wellness program."

He ran me through a battery of blood tests and such to discover I'm in Metabolic Syndrome and Adrenal Fatigue. In other words, my adrenals and thyroid are trying to shut down. My cells are not receiving insulin correctly and my hormones are way out of balance. All in all, the most delicate and small parts of my system need support - the parts that a general test in an emergency room passes right over.

On Saturday, August 8, 2009, I officially began my own wellness program with the close guidance and interactive participation of two brilliant doctors, Todd and Grant Redstone, DC. We are following the First Line Therapy diet plan from Metagenix. I am LOVING it and am feeling really surprised by the immediate results. I'm especially appreciating that I have the desire and energy to move my body. That feels deliciously delightful!

I had the idea as I walked this morning that I would post some of the images I see while walking and share with you the stuff I ruminate on while I'm on this journey of health. This morning, the images that caught my eye were the cheery sunflowers. I love sunflowers because of their heliotrope abilities - they follow the sun. They turn to the east each morning to greet the rising sun and by day's end, they are facing the west to kiss it good night. Fun!


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