Wednesday, July 07, 2010

07-08-10 Surprises

My first surprise came very early this morning. I received a text from my brother - who doesn't text - that said, "Happy day happy happy happy beautiful day :)" Really and truly! What a wonderful way to start my day!

My second surprise was the opportunity to play Monopoly with my Kait for most of the day, teaching her strategy and planning skills for the game. She's catching on really good and said that the fact that I agreed to play FOUR times with her all day today, that was my surprise to her.

My third surprise was laughing with her until we were both crying. She gets hiccups really hard and, when she does, for some reason, it makes us both laugh really hard and then that makes her hiccups worse, which makes us laugh harder and round and round we go. Proof of our delirium is to follow in these cellphone video clips...

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