Thursday, July 08, 2010

07/08/10 Surprises

Today was a most enjoyable day. As I've pondered today's events, I've discovered something. I find it easier to be surprised than it is to be the one who is surprising someone else. I think that is mostly because I have a definition of what it means to surprise someone and it generally takes a grand gesture. However, I'm thinking that if people were to share with me the ways in which I surprise them, I would receive feedback that I'm more surprising than I believe I am. Just like yesterday, when Kait told me I surprised her by agreeing to play Monopoly all day long. In light of that, I'm holding space and welcoming in feedback regarding the ways in which I surprise people. Interestingly enough... as I was writing that last sentence, I went to write "ways in which I surprise people" and it came out "ways in which I inspire people." Hmmmm... wondering about the cross!

I was surprised today by the sudden lightning and thunder storm that crashed through our neighborhood for all of three minutes, drenching the place and putting on a spectacular show. I was not so happily surprised by the rock that flew at a high velocity and hit my windshield, chipping/cracking it in two places. I was happily surprised, however, by the efficient and quick manner in which my insurance company handled the claim and got me set up for a mobile windshield repair for tomorrow!

I stayed inside for most of the day today, hanging with my Kait and didn't see many other people whom I could surprise. Oh! I surprised my Kait by finding the book for which she has been searching the last two days so she would have it when she went to meet the author tonight. She's never really been great at hunting for things. Usually she will enter the room, stand in the center of the room and say, "I can't find it," without ever actually looking anywhere. Somehow that is her definition of searching for something. She's always very surprised when I walk out of the room in which she "searched" with the very item she's been unable to find for some time. Funny stuff there.

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