Thursday, March 11, 2010

Appreciation for 03/11/10

*I-pods! I think they are an absolutely brilliant invention! BRAVO! *Being curious about something, talking about it with few people to see if they had the answer, sparking their curiosity too, but none of them had the answer. Then... 8 hours after talking to the third person and asking the same question, they talked with someone who had the answer and called me to share!!!! SO COOL! *Learning more about substance addiction and feeling continually surprised that THIS is the direction my work is taking me. *Understanding, now, why I never had the desire for drugs or smoking so I never tried them and now seeing how my "clean vessel" is invaluable in my work. *Getting so absorbed with researching to satiate my curiosity and being blown away by the information I am find. I am stunned. *Drums! Especially African Dunnuns and Djembes! Love the sound! ~ So very grateful for my life!

Grace in Small Things

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