Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Appreciation for 02/24/10

*My daughter's gentle loving way she came in while I was sitting in front of my laptop and placed her most prized possession - Yellow Eyes - in my lap because "She wants to be with you, Momma." *I'm loving that my 12 year old daughter still calls me "Momma" in the way she has done since she first learned to say the word. It sounds more like Maw-muh. *Using a Q-tip to get the water out of my ear after my morning shower. Such a delightfully sensory-full experience! *Talking with my father about how he feels about my former husband and feeling such overwhelming love and compassion for him even though he doesn't agree with me. No one agrees with me, so I get that part. However, I'm appreciating that he is willing to hold space for love to come through. *Having the same sort of conversation with my mom and having her respond the same way... willingness to hold space for him to transform his life into something possitive. *I'm really appreciating that both of them listen to me and are willing to believe beyond anything humanly believeable that this man CAN become who I see in him and he is. *Feeling the power of love. ~ I am SO very grateful to BE alive.

Grace in Small Things

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