Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Appreciation for 02/23/10

*My Caruso's Molecular Hairsetter set. Makes curling my hair a snap and then I look pretty in 5 minutes flat when I otherwise would have looked like I didn't care. *Getting together with old friends! I LOVE that! *Reconnecting with a newer friend that I haven't seen for far too long because our lives exploded in busy-ness. It was SO good to be with her. *Feeling so purposeful and blessed. *Walking into my friend's new home yesterday and seeing the picture of Christ right by her entrance. It is the same picture I've chosen for my place, Seeing it reminded me what I am looking for in relationships and I felt peaceful knowing her intentions match mine. *The smell of my essential oils. *The feel of rayon against my skin. ~ Feeling grateful for my life!

Grace in Small Things

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