Friday, February 19, 2010

Appreciation #206

*My own art. Sometimes I am so surprised by its beauty and excited that it is ME that created it!!! LOL (If you'd like to see the full-size piece of art, go here:Through Open Space) *Good music. This morning my I-tunes are on random. At some point in my life I downloaded an instrumental version of Amazing Grace that is absolutely gorgeous. With as many songs as I have, it rarely plays. When it does, I stop to listen because it moves me every time. *Standing my ground, feeling my feelings and knowing I'm better for having done so. *For two weeks, I've been wondering how to say this in a positive way, but I can't figure it out and it comes up every morning. So here we go... Finally getting to a place in my life where I no longer care what anyone thinks of me and that when people choose out of my life voluntarily because they feel I'm too difficult to be friends with, it no longer crushes me. I finally understand that I am ME no matter who loves me or doesn't. That is liberating! *Understanding myself and loving me for my complexity and my simplicity. *Learning that even those who I thought would never leave sometimes do and life goes on. Surprisingly. *Dreaming of places unseen and feeling as though I've been there before. ~ Grateful to BE alive today!

Grace in Small Things

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