Thursday, February 18, 2010

Awakening Sessions Topics

In sessions with me, my clients and I have worked on a plethora of topics. I have intensive experience with clients who are looking for support in...
  • Pain management and improved quality of life throughout chemotherapy in Stage 4 Breast cancer.
  • Healing from sports injuries.
  • Processing and releasing recurrent patterns resulting from child abuse.
  • Processing and releasing recurrent patterns resulting from sexual abuse.
  • Healing physical, spiritual, emotional and mental injuries resulting from domestic violence.
  • Releasing generational patterns and DNA programming.
  • Releasing and recovering from substance addiction (specific, on-going work with rehabilitating Meth users).
  • Creating and understanding self-esteem and developing powerful self-love.
  • Understanding dreams.
  • Waking up to their divine purpose.
  • Relaxing, rejuvenating and regrouping.

Awakening Sessions are a powerful tool in supporting my clients in creating the life they yearn for.

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