Friday, February 19, 2010

Old Starts and New Beginnings

I met with my academic advisor this morning at the college. She got me steered correctly down the path I've started, provided me a step-by-step outline for the process I'm undertaking AND gave me some really good news.

Between the age of 18-21, I went to college a little bit. I dabbled in education, taking the beginning of my "required" classes and many electives. Back then, I really had no idea what I wanted to do with it all, having only a faint notion that I was supposed to go to college. Not very helpful when it comes to picking a major! Excitingly enough... I was an excellent student while I dabbled AND all the courses I took back then are still applicable for getting my general degree!!! I have a 3.8 GPA and enough classes under my belt that I have completed three semesters worth of credits! This will effectively allow me to complete my schooling at the Salt Lake Community College within one year and then transfer to the U of U! I've accomplished enough so far that I've cut an entire year off my program! And then, she also pointed me in the direction of some scholarships for which I may qualify because of my excellent GPA. YAY ME! She also talked to me about how I want to do my degree. She suggested doing a special education degree and then going for a educational psychology major which will cut my original plan by 2 years.

I feel so excited to be on this path. I feel proud of me for taking on this adventure and I feel divinely guided in each step of the process. I feel expansive and excited!


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