Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Appreciation #112 & 113/365

*Feeling excited about being an integral part of the Genius Community Nest.*Feeling so excited about my life! *Smiling, rather than frowning. *Watching my daughter pull out her Defiant Daisy persona when she is frustrated with me, letting her be in it and rather than pulling out my militant personas, I simply giggled. *She got the meaning of my giggle and burst into giggles too. *And then we resolved the issue in 10 seconds flat. *Feeling so blessed to be alive. *Feeling so grateful for the Gifts that are my divine right. *Learning about the Genius areas that other people recognize in me. *Excited to have been hired for a photo shoot and excited to go do that today. *Feeling ebullient!!! -I truly DO love my life!!!

Grace in Small Things

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