Monday, June 29, 2009

Appreciation #104 & 105/365

*A fun-filled weekend. *Sunshine on my shoulders. *Driving really fast on the open road. *Beautiful sunsets. *Answers from my doctor which created a sense of empowerment. *Hanging out with good friends for breakfast and LOTS of laughter on Sunday. *Wonder questions. *Attending a movie with the idea in mind that it was absolutely a joke to be there AND it would give me something good to make fun of and then having it turn out to actually be a good movie! The Hanna Montana Movie was surprisingly delicious. *Having my daughter run out of her daddy's house, her face lit up and her arms wide to greet me with, "Oh, Momma! I've missed you!" *Learning how to love myself. Interesting concept that I need to learn to love myself, I know. However, I just never grabbed onto that theory. Someone should create a core class for it in elementary or high school, or something. :) -I'm feeling so blessed.

Grace in Small Things

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