Saturday, June 27, 2009

Appreciation #105/365

*Terminators II (editorial note: that is supposed to be TRANSFORMERS II OOPS!!!) Holy crap! I didn't see the first one, but this one... WOW! Talk about three hours of jam-packed, testosterone-filled action! In a sold-out audience it was FABULOUS to look around and see all the MEN sitting on the edge of their seats. If they could have climbed into the screen, I believe they would have. *The preview for the M. Night Shamalyan movie, The Last Airbender. It doesn't come out until next summer, but I had chills for the entire 2 minutes. *The ridiculously silly movie RV which is on cable right now making me giggle. *Having the house to myself, again. *Sleeping well, waking up refreshed and feeling ALIVE! -Loving my life AND movies!!! :)

Grace in Small Things

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