Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Appreciation #106/365

*A productive day at work. *Giggling and being silly at lunch with my daughter. *My new homemade Empowerment CD, turning it up really loud and "dancing" behind the steering wheel. Makes rushhour traffic a piece of cake! *The sitcom Reba in syndication. *Creating. *Feeling surprised that I have a new subscriber to my Meditation of the Week list, although I chose out of that a couple weeks ago to discover if it is truly something I WANT to do. *Actually missing the process of writing and creating the Meditations and feeling curious about starting it up again and wondering how I can make it an easeful process, rather than something I beat myself up about. *Receiving feedback from several sources that the weekly emails will be missed. -So grateful to be alive!

Grace in Small Things

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