Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Appreciations for 08/25/10

*Today is my baby's first day of eighth grade! *Learning the truth about specific situations so that I remain safe. *Remembering: I am loveable! *Working with my best friend and having it feel like PLAY all day long! * While we were working, the yard guy came to do her yard. He said, "What are you two doing in there??? You just keep laughing and laughing!" "Working," we answered. And, then we laughed some more. *Receiving a letter I wrote to myself a year ago about what THIS past year was like. Wrote it last August as if it had already happened. AMAZING how much it matched up with what truly ended up happening! The power of suggestion!!! *I go back to school tomorrow and feel excited to do so. YAY ME! ~ My life is a beautiful dance and I'm happy about that.

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