Monday, August 23, 2010

Appreciations for 08/23/10

*My computer is BACK and HEALTHY!!! No more bugs! YAY! Thank you, Booger! *I'm learning through experience when to speak and when to stay silent and that BOTH stances are being in my power. *Learning when to get in and when to get out. That's a tricky one! *Listening, taking it in and knowing what is true for me even if it doesn't match the other person's opinion of me. That is a an amazing feeling! *The interesting sounds of the garbage truck in the early morning. *Going forward in the face of fear and trusting that, in my blindness, I will be led to the places I'm needed. *Being able to call my friend and say, "I need to vent. Just listen to me because it's not going to be pretty nor is it going to be enlightened. I just need to get it out and THEN I'll be open for feedback." And so it is. ~ I am appreciating the life I am creating.


Boog said...

You are most welcome. Thank you for helping us out.

Angie K. Millgate said...

It was my pleasure.

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