Sunday, August 22, 2010

Appreciations for 08/22/10

*My brother KILLED my computer virus! GOOD! Yes! *Supporting my uncle as he crossed the finish line of his 100th marathon yesterday. *Watching my brother cross the finish line of his first marathon in the same marathon as my uncle. He looked GREAT and was smiling! *Listening to his wife speak at the awards ceremony , on behalf of my brother, for the Utah Foster Care Foundation. *Watching the hits increase exponentially on my brother's website *Feeling so proud of my baby brother's commitment to serve and his willingness to do so lovingingly. *Spending the night babysitting my nephew. What a blessing! *Finding a quick, easeful solution for easing trauma and witnessing IMMEDIATE results! ~ I am in love with my life!


Boog said...

THANK YOU! Sissy. It truly was an interesting experience.

Angie K. Millgate said...

You're welcome, Brother!

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