Saturday, April 24, 2010

Appreciation for 04/24/10

*It's a beautiful day here in my world. *Had dinner last night with a group of people, most of whom I haven't seen in almost eight months and definitely not all together socializing in the same place and several of them have purposefully chosen out of my life so it was an interesting experience. I lived. LOL *Watched a couple episodes of Parenthood last night on with my daughter and laughed a lot together. I love for catching up on television. Not so much for movies, but television's great. *A day ahead of rehearsals and performances. YAY! *The editing of my book proof is coming along smashingly. I've edited that book for 3-4 years prior to sending it to be published so I'm not finding any grammatical or spelling errors. However, it's amazing how different information reads when in book form. Now I'm just changing it for logistics and pretty-ness. *My former husband asked me to change his name in the book to his REAL name. It feels more authentic to me now. Readers would have had no clue, but my story is that it will feel more authentic to them because it feels more authentic to me. *One of the other character's picked their own name for the book so that one I can identify with as well and I think it makes a huge difference. ~ I am appreciating my abundant life.
Grace in Small Things

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