Sunday, April 18, 2010

Appreciation for 04/18/10

*WOW! What a day it was yesterday. I'm still wiped. Met a lot of women. Made several connections and client leads so that's cool. *Realizing that TOMORROW is the day I register for classes at college and I'm actually feeling nervous. I think that's because I have NO idea how I'm supposed to do it. I like to know the "how" before I go into it. Breathing into this fear... *Stretching. Stretching. Stretching. That is what this last eight months has been about for me. Stretching into the new me. Stretching my boundaries. Stretching my comfort zone. Stretching my beliefs. Stretching and expanding. Whew... *Finding my own beliefs. *Feeling the power of God within me. *Knowing I am loved. ~ WOW! What a beautiful life I'm living!

Grace in Small Things

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