Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Appreciation for 04/13/10

*I AM alive! *An incredibly creative, collaborative weekend past. *Learning about Machu Picchu and seeing amazing photography through a Shaman from there. *Walking into a space having absolutely no idea what I would be doing or who would be there and realizing that I already knew about 5 of the 50 or so people there, including one of the facilitators! *Writing an email response to a man on Sunday after not seeing him for almost a year and saying, "I miss you! I hope our paths cross really soon." and then having HIM be one of the people in the room last night!!! *A good night's sleep. *Waking on the edges of a dream, feeling curious and having no clue what was in the dream. *A day ahead of leading 70 5-year-olds on a Meditation journey, seeing my best friend and hanging with people I love. ~ Life IS good!

Grace in Small Things

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