Saturday, April 10, 2010

Appreciation for 04/10/10

*A busy day ahead. *Spending 3 hours at dinner last night with a new soul-friend and not even realizing it had been 3 hours until we got out to the car! *Growing into the art of appreciation without pridefulness. *Hearing the words, "You are an angel," and feeling honored. *Creating a safe space that allows others to BE in my presence. *Listening. *Learning through listening to other's life experiences and appreciating that I CAN learn from other's experiences rather than having to do it myself. Finally. LOL *Feeling complete and blessed. *I know this is not a new GiST, but it's something I realized again last night for which I am grateful... my father and his wife provide a safe place for my daughter and me to call home. ~ I am so blessed!

Grace in Small Things

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