Monday, March 29, 2010

Appreciation for 03/29/10

*Feeling nasaly, sniffly, coughy and sneezey (no... those are not some new dwarfs!) and knowing that it's all part of the cleansing process and being able to embrace it. *Love. *Playing with friends yesterday and Saturday night whom I haven't seen for months and feeling happy in the process of it all. *Reconnecting with someone I love who had disappeared from my life and feeling huge waves of emotion when we hugged one another. *Knowing that my love really does go on to the end. No matter what. That is a really cool realization. *Appreciating that I know that AND I now also know that *I* go on to the end, as well. When someone ends their relationship with me, I do not die - contrary to my youthful beliefs. In fact, I'm going on much more gracefully and quickly than before. Cool! ~ I'm loving my life!

Grace in Small Things

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