Monday, March 01, 2010

Appreciation for 03/01/10

*WOW! It's already the 1st of March! *Being continually surprised about who/what, exactly, is being cleared out of my life as I stay focused on my commitment to BEING fully alive and to clearing anything that is blocking me from doing so. *Realizing that most of who/what is being cleared from my life I had already realized I was complete with and was willing to let go so I'm feeling blessed rather than picked on. NICE! *Going forward. Going forward. Going forward! YAY! *The people who come through my life are big blessings and big teachers. Sometimes I feel grateful when particular lessons are complete. *My daughter is auditioning for Annie Jr. today at her school. And, even though she's scared, she's still auditioning. ~ Feeling grateful to BE alive!

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