Sunday, November 15, 2009

Post #800

It seems somewhat appropos to do a ceremonial 800th post. Wow! 800 pieces of wittiness and wisdom from me! Can ya even stand it??? LOL

Thing is, I don't have much wisdom or wit this morning. My brain is stirring for other things, so I thought I would share with you my JenGie reading. (to learn more about what JenGie is, CLICK HERE.)

Friday morning, I began to get the first stirrings of illness. It was interesting watching the symptoms creeping up on me. First one then the next one. I was speaking with Jen while they appeared and on the other end, between coughing spasms, she was trying to be supportive. I finished my project and went to bed. I spent the rest of the day and on until noon Saturday in bed drinking lots of Emergen-C and taking high dosages of Oscilloccinum. The symptoms have stayed in check.

This morning, I did a JenGie reading...

House of Light
Each day is a fresh start. Use it wisely.

House of Order
See your vision through completion. Visualize your creations as whole, complete and fabulous!

I smiled as I read that because it is SO applicable with where I am. I have chosen to do a revision of my website and get it on a free server so that I can get rid of the $50/month hosting fee. It is a HUGE process. What better time to do it than while I am sick???!

It's funny. When I'm sick, I stay in and be still, physically. But my brain goes wild and I will literally go mad if I don't create during the physical stillness. Today I am using my brain power to see this project completed and fabulous. I feel excited!!!

With love,

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