Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Whatever It Takes!

I had no idea what would happen when I added THAT to my commitments!

I commit to getting my physical self healthy, whatever it takes.
I commit to going forward, whatever it takes.
I commit to my aliveness and living in love, whatever it takes.

WOW! Absolutely NO idea!

What has shown up is landing in the hospital, choosing to be alive and undergoing lots of testing to uncover what is at the core of my health and then to commit to going forward with a wellness plan with my doctors.

What has shown up is being unable to physically go forward in my car - the transmission died yesterday. The entire transmission needed to be replaced. First and second gears were stuck together, which resulted in being unable to get any momentum built. Once I got going, the transmission was stuck in 2nd gear so I couldn't transition to a faster pace because the engine would scream. It was an intriguing experience to be completely unable to go at the speed I needed/wanted to go. The metaphorical aspect of the experience really opened up lots of room for exploration and learning for me.

What has shown up is winding up at a car dealership, purchasing a BRAND NEW CAR - my 1st in 20 years - in a process that was unbelievably easeful, loving and gentle.

What has shown up is having my best friend commit to a HUGE commitment, rocking my world and waking me up to the knowledge that *I* AM ready, too, to take it on.

What has shown up is miracles and magic in every form, in every area of my life and support unlike anything I could have ever begun to dream up in the past.

I feel grateful to be playing SO BIG. I feel grateful that there are people willing to match the HUGENESS of my life - sometimes even BEFORE *I* realize how big I am. I feel grateful that I'm creating magic, ease and love wherever I go - even in the most surprising of situations - whatever it takes!

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