Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Appreciation #130, 131 & 132/365

*Attending a crazy-fun wedding/masquerade party Saturday night. *Feeling authentic in my costume. *Laughing til my sides hurt. *Witnessing the beauty of the bride and groom. *Watching the genius of my friends come out through their costumes and celebrations. *Committing to going forward "no matter what" without knowing the impending experiences that would be brought on by that commitment. *Knowing that I would have made the commitment, even now, after experiencing some of what has happened since making the commitment. *Handling my dead car with the blown-out transmission like a big girl, without pitching a fit. *Ending up at the car dealer, purchasing my first BRAND NEW car in 20 years with great ease. *Loving the smell of my new car. *Feeling like a grown up girl as I cruise down the street in my new car. *Spending the entire day with my best friend and enjoying every minute of it. *Getting JenGie back up and running with such ease that it seems almost unbelievable. *Knowing before it happens and feeling surprised every time I experience that. *Feeling strong in the face of situations that used to dissolve me. *Remembering to breathe and feel my emotions. *Playing with my camera. *Experiencing other's judgment of themselves and feeling sad because I see something so beautiful - the opposite of what they are seeing. -I am SO grateful to be alive and I am LOVING my life!

Grace in Small Things

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