Thursday, July 02, 2009

Appreciation #108/365

*Discovering I've had new subscribers to my Meditation of the Week list, even though I have chosen out. I'm getting the message loud and clear! *Receiving a phone call from someone I do not know to book a session with me. They found me through the internet on the site that I've been considering closing for cost/income reasons. I'm getting THAT message loud and clear too! *Invoking my Genius qualities of Curiosity and Presence yesterday and then watching all the magic I created. *Learning about a fun way to PLAY with money and create a cycle of giving, receiving, abundance. *Paying off the first two creditors! I'm so friggin' excited about that! *Feeling alive and feeling grateful that I experienced the hospital situation so that I have a very clear, stark contrast of what Living and Dying feel like. -Grateful to be living MY life!

Grace in Small Things

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