Thursday, January 08, 2009


I am looking to relocate my healing space.

Do you have any leads?


Kristen said...

Hi Angie :)

I've been tossing this need around in my mind, to discover if I have any ideas ... and something recently came to me: CraigsList. It is a really popular online-classifieds in the Bay Area, CA ... but, they are nation wide, too, I know (and they might even be worldwide?). Anyway, everyone around here uses them and most with awesome results. So, while the saturation may mostly be in this Bay Area, it may be worth a try for SLC (because SLC is a big hoping place of business too!). Anyway, good luck, my friend :)

With Love,

Phoenix Touch said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Kristen. Yes. I have been keeping my eye on craigslist. Nothing has fit yet. Holding space that it will! Soon!

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