Thursday, January 08, 2009

16 Things

One of my friends on facebook tagged me with the "16 Things for 16 Friends" meme and I figured I would do it here and kill two birds with one stone! :) I would love for you to play along but I refuse to tag anyone. Soooooooooo... if you do play along, let me know so I can stop by your posting to check it out.

The rules are: Once you've been tagged, you're supposed to create a note about yourself with 16 random thoughts, facts, goals, interesting things about yourself and tag 16 of your friends (including the person who tagged you). If you've been tagged, it's because someone wants to learn more about you!

Here we go... (see... told you I couldn't stay away from blogging!)

One of my uncles works for the IRS. I dreamed the other night that he had been let go after working there for his entire life, just before he was ready to retire. He had been let go because they were closing shop.

I once held a bear cub that was six weeks old.

Being stalked by wolves is terrifying. More scary than being approached by a grizzly.

The very first car I purchased was a stick-shift. I had no idea how to drive it. Therefore, my boyfriend at that time test drove it and I spent the next week killing it at every intersection then popping and jolting through when the light turned green.

Apparently, I'm an artist. Funny. I have always said I wasn't.

When I was little I wanted to be a teacher and a dancer when I grew up. I'm sorta doing both.

My former husband is my re-current employer.

After my lifelong best friend died, I saw him at his own viewing. He didn't want to be in the casket. He wanted to be riding his motorcycle instead.

I once had sex in a storage unit on the edge of an upright mattress that was wedged between a chest of drawers and a desk. We sprung the springs on that side of the mattress and it was never the same when it got moved out of storage.

When I was younger, I picked my nose and ate it. (Collective groan of disgust.) I broke the habit when I got caught doing it by my sister and her boyfriend when we were in our teens. (I know! Gross! Old enough to know better.) Interestingly enough, I mentioned this embarrassing moment to her just last weekend and she has no recollection of it. I was scarred for life, however.

I don't go to horror movies. I have an overactive imagination that absorbs images that haunt me for years to come. Ya know in the preview for Dawn of the Dead that came out in 2004 where all the people were pressed against the glass, clawing to get out (or in)? Ye-eah. That image still haunts my nightmares at times. (Even now, when I researched it [yes, I am a glutton for punishment] to make sure I had the title correct, I watched the trailer in broad daylight and still have shivers and feel like someone is watching over my shoulder. shit.)

I love to drive fast.

My very first job was at McDonald's. That was back when they used real food and it was cooked as you were waiting for it, or just moments before, rather than hours ahead and held in a "holding bin." I won first prize in a crew meeting because I knew all 10 ingredients that went into a Big Mac: "2 all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, onions, pickles on a sesame seed bun. Oh! And salt and pepper." Interestingly enough, I worked counter at the time. No one in grill knew the answer. Apparently none of them watched as much television as I did! Also, while I worked there, they introduced the McDLT. It happened to be my favorite sandwich. Hot patty and cheese on one half. Cold, crisp lettuce and tomatoe on the other. They can't serve it anymore, I guess, because they cannot figure out how to keep the hot side hot and the cold side cold without using a styrofoam container. Sad.

I get really, really impatient waiting for computers even though I am old enough to remember the time before computers.

A few years ago, I was a part of a professional, touring belly dancing troupe for a year. Around this same time, I learned how to drum. My instrument of chose is a Djembe and I have a hand-made, master-crafted KazDrums Djembe to call my own.

I have a tender heart.


Kristen said...

Oh Angie, what a delightful Meme!!! It is truly a pure pleasure to get to know you :)

Lots of love your way,

Cele said...

Most excellent tidbits, I will have to play this one in a day or three. Thank you for sharing you.

Phoenix Touch said...

This was a fun one. Thank you, ladies for reading the fun. Let me know if you choose to play along. I would LOVE to have 16 tidbits on you too. :)

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