Sunday, January 11, 2009



I sit here at my computer, wondering about the focus of this week's Meditation. As I am doing this, a song comes on the stereo on a channel that is playing "Sunday music." I am unfamiliar with this song and yet, I listen. It catches my attention, for some reason. I hear the artist singing about needing to say a prayer, but having no room to kneel. All other thoughts stop as I ponder that predicament, wondering if I hold to that belief.

As a child, I was taught that praying had a certain format, a certain language and a certain stance. I felt uncomfortable with the protocol because it seemed to detract from the true reason that I was praying - to talk with my Creator. I remember the first time I heard my former husband pray. He had not been raised in religion and he spoke with God as if they were sitting face to face. I was so moved and found tears streaming down my face with the simplistic and loving approach that he had employed.

As I have grown, I have chosen to walk a path different from the one that had been set aside by my parents for me. On this path, although my roots are in Christianity, I am not religiously affiliated and I have discovered that I have my own way of communicating with God, the Universe, my Higher Power, my Creator, my Heavenly Father. I have made friends with people whose roots are in other belief systems or don't believe in any God at all and each prays in one way or another. Whether it is a formal, protocol prayer by rote or sending intentions to the Universe in a moment of silence, it's praying nonetheless.

Prayer is a powerful tool, which focuses my thoughts and emotions into one time and space. I have felt the power in a gathering of people of varying belief systems who choose to take a moment of silence to join efforts in supporting loved ones. I have felt the calm wash over me when others have done that for me. I have felt the soothing and encouraging aspects of praying if only in that it is me taking a moment to quiet my mind and body and focus on my deepest needs in that moment.

For some reason, in this moment, it feels important to remind myself - and you - of the power of prayer. You may not be religious. You may be deeply-steeped in your religion. No matter your experience with religion or your Higher Power - even if you don't believe in a God, there is power in prayer. The calming, loving, focused effect of prayer is needed in each of our lives and in the world at large right now, specifically, at this time in history.

I invite you to take a moment to focus on your life and find the gratitude within you. Find your love and project that out into the Universe. And, if you are struggling to find the words, read the prayers placed within this Meditation. Join me in a prayer and let's set about creating a ripple of positivity.

Feel the power with me.

© Angie K. Millgate 1/11/09

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