Monday, December 29, 2008

Showing Up

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO excited that I am jumping around for joy. I took a moment to pause in my happy dance to share the good news with you. First, though, let me share a story. (I know. The suspense is killing ya!) :)

There is an amazing space here in Salt Lake called the Tea Grotto, which is a locally-owned, beautifully-fabulous small tea shop. I have known the owner, Rebecca, of this shop for a while now simply because of all the time I have spent there. As her business was growing, she would have time to sit with me and chat and we got to know one another.

I find myself sliding into creative mode when I enter that space. Many times I have gone there for the sole purpose of sipping tea and creating art. She has watched some of the pieces come to life before her and has mentioned several times that she would love to display my art on the walls of the Grotto. I never took her serious and brushed myself off as being "not-an-artist."

Back in August, when I ventured out into the world to make it a go on my own, I had all sorts of brilliant, creative ideas float into my world. One of them happened very organically. I was at the Tea Grotto, doing art and she brushed past me, glanced over my shoulder and said, "Angie, I would really love to see your art up on these walls. Talk to Olivia about it. She's the new coordinator."

This was not a new conversation she and I were having, however something sparked in me this time and I thought, "What the hell do I have to lose?"

Olivia LOVED my art. She is a trained artist, having travelled the world in her training, and she actually said to me, "Your stuff is amazing! I have seen nothing like this." I was speechless. She scheduled me for a showing in January. I gave her my number. She said she would call. She never did.

Fast forward to December...

I have spent the last four weeks in torment wondering why Olivia hasn't called me. Did she lie to me? Is my stuff complete shit? Am I not good enough to show? On and on and on... Heaven forbid I pick up the phone and call. NO! I have to moan and wail and be miserable for a very long time first.

This morning, I called the Grotto.

"Olivia's not in..." (oh surprise) "However, let me give you her home phone number..."

What the...???

Sweating and trembling, I called her, feeling grateful when the voicemail picked up.

Two hours later, my phone rang with a number I didn't recognize. Generally, I don't answer unknown numbers, however something prompted me to do so this time. It was Olivia.

"I am so glad you called me, Angie! I lost that folder that had your number and business card in it. I've been freaking out because I couldn't get a hold of you. I was so hoping you would call me!"

What the...???!

Sooooo... on Wednesday, December 31, 2008 before 3:30 pm, I will be going to the Tea Grotto to hang my art for sale! I cannot believe this. I will be part of the Gallery Strolls here and will have an Artist's Opening Night on January 16, 2009 so buyers can come meet the artist - ME! I would LOVE IT if you are in the Salt Lake area if you would stop by that night especially, or any other time during January, and check out my stuff.


This is a preview of some of the stuff you may see there live and in full-size!


NG said...

Very cool!

Phoenix Touch said...

Thanks Alice!

Kristen said...


Yes, happy dance is indeed called for: Dance On, my talented friend!!! :D

Beaming for You,

Cele said...

kay I have to say that the first one caught my eye right off, but the third one wants to jump off the page and into my living room. Love it.

Phoenix Touch said...

Thank you, Kristen.

And... Cele... that piece of art would gladly come home to you. :)

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