Tuesday, December 30, 2008


"Floating" akm 2008
I feel as if I am floating on a sea as smooth as glass
I feel myself breathing and expanding
I feel the Joy come in, filling up the spaces that were recently
It's me!
I'm doing this all on my own
And in the past, I used to think that
On my own
Sounded like a lonely predicament
Like something I couldn't do
Truth is..
I can!
I am!
And I rejoice!
akm 12/30/08


Kristen said...

Yes, the magic of You is really sparkling, for ALL to behold! Shine on, soul-full Beauty, and in Joy keep beholding yourself and all your life! You ARE doing all this and you ARE soooo worthy of it :D

Proud of your celebration of You!
with love,

Phoenix Touch said...

Aw! Thank you, sweetie! And thank you for being the first spark to light the path of getting my art into the world!

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