Sunday, October 24, 2010

Appreciation 10/24/10

*Still feels like Christmas to me. It has since midnight, Thursday night, when I found out my book was in print and available to purchase! *It's cloudy and rainy and cold today and I LOVE IT! *The Brown-Eyed Susans are nodding at me and I feel happy that their brilliant yellow petals contrast with the grayness of the day. *Everything, it seems, is coming to easeful resolve in my life. That which was once bothering me has dissolved. Nice! *Being willing to look for the REAL reason I was bothered with my best friend, uncovering it, acknowledging it, revealing it and healing it. *Knowing that all things change. *Learning how to love fully AND be detached at the same time. *Stepping up and into the woman I'm meant to be. ~ Dang! I sure am loving my life!

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