Monday, June 07, 2010

Appreciation for 06/07/10

*Being without my computer for a month taught me about patience. *The sound of lawnmowers in the morning. *Looking out the window to see clear skies and sunshine. *A whole day of magic, joy and love yesterday! *The taste of cold watermelon on a hot summer day. *Watching an amazingly inspiring movie, Invictus, with a group of amazingly inspiring people. *Feeling so overflowing with love that when the thunderstorm rolled through my neighborhood yesterday all I could do was stand in the rain and let it wash over me. It matched my overflowing emotional state. *Loving college and discovering new things about myself that make other things in my life make so much sense. *The sound of the fan blowing beside my bed. ~ My life IS a beautiful dance and I'm so grateful!
Grace in Small Things

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