Saturday, April 03, 2010

Appreciation for 04/03/10

*An amazing weekend ahead! Soooooo excited! *Spending 7 or so hours today in the atmosphere of health and healing with people I love. *Driving to Lava Hot Springs tomorrow with my daughter and stepdaughter to stay in a cottage for the night as a gift from one of my dear friends there. *Getting to sit in the hot, healing waters of Lava. That is my definition of paradise! *Then driving to Idaho Falls on Monday to see my sister!!! I miss her. Been far too long. *Getting to see her amazing photography on display in the gallery there. So proud of her! *Feeling myself in my body and noticing all the miraculous messages my body continually gives me. *Knowing that I'm right where I'm supposed to be. *A wonderful evening last night with one of my sweet friends and loving how time just slipped by without a notice. ~ I feel HAPPY to BE alive!

Grace in Small Things

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