Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Appreciation for 03/23/10

*Oh my! What an amazing life I've created! *Realizing that I asked God for what I needed and He delivered down to the very end of the request. WOW! *Walking into a space wherein I realize the people were waiting for ME, for the Gifts I carry and for my knowledge. WOW! *Asking for the perfect space to be provided so I can do my work... and it has been. *Asking for someone with which to co-create amazing, transformational workshops... and they're here. *Asking for a business manager, marketer and money wizard to show up to support me in my calling... and witness them arriving. *So tangibly feeling the miracle and magic of my life. *Laughing with my daughter over jokes only we get. ~ I am so blessed to BE LIVING my life at this moment, in this space.

Grace in Small Things

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