Saturday, March 20, 2010

Appreciation for 03/20/10

*Oh my goodness! It's beautiful outside today! *My life is taking off and I'm so excited. *Appreciating myself for going THROUGH the emotions of the last 3 months so that I could get to a point where I fully understand with my body that all the goodbyes were the very best thing that could have happened in my life. *Even though I "knew" that on some level and kept telling myself that it was all for the best, it was still a very sad time and being on this side of the sadness helps me appreciate the experience fully. I'm grateful that the gap between the sadness and the joy was comparatively short! *Realizing, once again, that my body has a brilliant memory. For instance, I was having difficulty remembering with my head how to spell "comparatively." I had it as "comparitively." When I went to look it up on, I wasn't consciously spelling it out with my head because I was singing along with the silly 1940's song that is playing on my computer. I naturally spelled it "comparatively" and then realized I had spelled it "wrong" so I changed it to "comparitively" and then told me that my body spelled it correctly! COMPARATIVELY... so cool! *Looking forward to the new adventures in store for me today. *Feeling so full and satisfied and powerful. *Remembering that I spoke with one of my really good friends a year ago at this time and told her that I wanted to create a life wherein I lived in the energy of feeling "full, satisfied and powerful." WOW! Look at me! ~ I'm so excited to be flying!

Grace in Small Things

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