Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Appreciation for 03/17/10

*Playing with a friend in her money vision and refining my own as I did so. *Sitting in, yet again, another library. Appreciating this small facility for the sense of security I find here. *The feeling of the sun coming through the windows, warming my hair, my hands, my face. *Finding out I possibly have money in places I didn't know I had money! WOW! *A new haircut. *The way my hair feels all sexy, silky and soft after my hair stylist does it. *All of the suicides I've heard of recently are "out there" and I feel really grateful that this particular world issue has not directly visited my doorstep. *Seeing green everywhere and feeling giggly. *The tinkling, clicking sound of my keyboard is the only sound in the library other than the occasional cooing of a baby. ~ Feeling so very happy to be alive today.

Grace in Small Things

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