Monday, March 15, 2010

Appreciation for 03/15/10

*This week's Meditation Moments and Memories. *The sounds of the library. *WiFi! Such a COOL invention. *Watching toddlers fall, get back up, brush themselves off and keep on running without so much as a whimper. Such an inspiration. *The smell of books. *A productive morning... getting so much done in such record time that I can actually SIT at the library for a while and be unproductive. WOW! LOL *Feeling relief in big waves and sighs. *HUGE gratitude for unemployment benefits and the surprise of logging on this morning to see they have been extended. Then bursting into tears with the relief of knowing that. *The quickly approaching meeting with the bankruptcy trustee and knowing that, while it was the very last resort for me, this bankruptcy is a blessing. *No longer feeling afraid of "putting it all out there." ~ Feeling so immensely grateful to BE alive today.

Grace in Small Things

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