Thursday, February 11, 2010


Last night I dreamt of flying and training with the fiercest creatures I've ever seen. This morning, my muscles feel the residual effects of a work out and I'm wondering where I travelled. I can feel every cell in my legs, arms and back as though I've gone through a rigorous personal training session. I woke feeling exhilarated and alive.

In the dream, I knew who my allies were, even though they were continually able to shape shift. I recognized them by how I felt around them. When I first met them, I loved them instantly and that feeling never changed even when I felt confused at times when they would shape shift into someone I didn't recognize or to whom my brain would trigger a repulse reaction. At times these creatures terrified me in their intensity and power and I would cower away from them until they would face me and my soul would remember who they were.

There were other creatures to whom I had an immediate "stay away" reaction upon meeting them. Sometimes the feeling was laced with distrust. At other times it was a simple distaste for who they were. And yet, at others, it was a wariness and an uncertainty that I felt within me when I was around them, but there was no internal "warning" signal. It was this last category of beings with whom I did battle while in training. It was these beings whom could be transmuted if they so desired.

My mentors were big beings that scared almost everyone around them when they would walk through a space or land admist a crowd. They taught me to fly. They taught me to fight. They showed me my own power and how to use it to protect myself and those who were with me. They taught me as I raised through the ranks until I was equal in knowledge, strength and power to stand beside the leader. He, of all of the trainers, was the biggest, baddest and meanest with also the most gentle, kindest, loving heart. I knew him from the first moment I saw him.

While training with them, we entered into many battles with the opposition. I knew the outcome of the battle prior to entering based on how I felt about the opponents before going into the fray. In the beginning, my trainers fought in a cluster with me in the center to protect me. As time went on, they began to allow me to emerge from the center for a time to fight the most weak of our adversary. Eventually, I was on the outer ring in my rightful place protecting those I loved.

In one such battle, we encountered a tribe of beings who could be transmuted if they were willing to be. They fought voraciously and would not give in. I made eye contact with their second-in-command and he glared at me. He was strong. He would not submit. I remember grasping my right fist to my chest, thumping it twice upon my heart chakra and then pointing toward him forcefully. As I did so, my power shot forth and to him, almost as a tangible, visible golden ray. His eyes grew wide and stayed locked with mine until he collapsed, heaving and weeping.

I approached the glorious being. He had the face of a man, the body of a giant wolf and the mane of the most royal lion of the kingdom. He was golden and silky and his eyes were molten gold. He looked at me, quivering, feeling vulnerable in his new, raw, enlightened state. I bent down and reached toward him. He stared at my hand, then placed his paw in mine. I could feel him trembling as he looked around at those of his tribe, fearing retribution.

"I imagine you are scared," I thought into his eyes.

He nodded slightly, just once.

I nodded back and said, "I've got you. We've got you. The others will follow now. Thank you for your bravery."

At that point, we found ourselves in a special restaurant, the space that my troupe loved to dine. The basement was reserved for us and we had to descend a steep stairway that was almost, simply, a ladder. Most of the clan was already there when I arrived with the LionMan walking timidly behind me. His golden hue contrasted sharply with the dark earth tones of my attire and that of my people. We entered the space and those around the table stood and bowed to the new arrival, making way for us to sit at the head of the table.

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