Saturday, January 09, 2010

When? Why? What are They Thinking?

So I was driving behind a car the other day that was covered with obnoxious vinyl lettering all over the rear window and trunk. I felt distracted by it and when we stopped at an intersection, I took this picture...

What I'm wondering now is... when did the LDS Church take to advertising their faith in such tacky ways? Seems unlike the church so I'm going to give the organization the benefit of the doubt and blame the hideousness on the driver of the car which, may I add, I've seen TWICE since I've taken the picture.

But, really! Is this necessary??? For the record... I couldn't read the text until I was stopped right up on the rear bumper of the car to take the photo. I had no idea what he was advertising until AFTER I took the picture and I was actually shocked when I realized it was for the church. So bizarre.


Andy Shmushkin said...

PLEASE stop belittling other's beliefs. Be respectful of others, including Mormons.

Our children are expected to adhere to those policies. Shouldn't their parents live up to the same expectations?

Angie K. Millgate said...


I appreciate that you returned to post yet another comment and I'm choosing to leave this one because it "seems" to be less threatening than the last comment you posted here.

While I appreciate that you are perceiving my post as belitting other's beliefs, that is not what I was feeling. I was born and raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and feel that that religion is quite important, the basic gospel principles of which are true.

I embrace people's freedom to practice their religion and speak about it. That does not mean I need to agree with how they go about doing it. In this instance, I found that person's means of advertising to be distasteful.

I appreciate the time you took to visit this blog at least twice and express your views here. I welcome them when they are non-threatening and non-slanderous.

Thank you,

Angie K. Millgate said...

And, "Andy", the next time you visit here, I request that you use your real name and identity. Given your closing statement, I have reason to believe that you participate in the same community I do.

If you're not willing to be transparent about who you really are, I ask that you choose out of participating here.

Thank you.

Andy Shmushkin said...

"I found that person's means of advertising to be distasteful."

So you decided to judge them harshly and make a spectacle of them on your blog.

Really! Is this necessary???

Angie K. Millgate said...

Thank you for visiting again, "Andy." Clearly you disagree with what I have written here in my post and in my reply to you. I see that you are bothered enough with it to take the time to share your feelings. I appreciate your diligence in monitoring my blog and sharing your views, albeit under a false identity.

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