Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Stretch

I sit here at my computer awash in sadness and wondering what step is next for JenGie Creations. The only thing I could think was... do a reading, see what They have to say about it.

I breathed deeply, wiped the tears from my eyes and asked... What next?

House of Doing
Release all judgements and create fun as a child does. Remember the ease of laughter that came with innocence.

House of Guides
Watchfully protect yourself and your pride.

House of Light
Listen for the subtle messages and when you do, they will become bold.

House of Symbols
Familiar and uncomfortable situations are an opportunity to learn the lessons you missed the first time.

House of Order
Now is the time to come together as a community with gentleness, love and a common purpose.

I'm curious, with the changes in the JenGie dynamic, I'm wondering how this reading is going to show up in my world, especially the last card Eight because my definition of "community" has dissolved.

I'm not sure what exactly I am to do next AND I am excited. I feel like I've been released and I'm in an entirely new territory. This should be very interesting, indeed.

With love,

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