Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Psychic Abilities

Psychic Abilities...

Growing up, I had been grounded in all things “real” and had been taught to avoid anything that had the mere appearance of evil. I had also been taught that witchcraft was evil and that only witches would claim such outlandish things as being able to see, hear or feel “things” that were, seemingly, not there. Therefore, for most of my life, I was suspicious of those who could do such feats of wonder and shocked to discover that I was one of "those" people. Now I embrace them and feel humble to be blessed with the abilities. ”

Some of the psychic gifts that are active in my work include:

Clairvoyance - to see that which is not physically present
Clairsentience - to feel another's feelings, also known as "Empathic"
Clairalience - to smell something that is not physically present
Clairaudience - to hear that which is not physically present
Claircognizance - to be certain about something without knowing how or why
Clairgustance - to taste something that is not physically present
Channeling - to offer clear conduit for other entities to speak through

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