Thursday, August 13, 2009

Appreciation #148/365

*I've resisted the huge urge for chocolate two afternoons in a row now. *I feel grateful that I'm almost complete with my first week on FLT and I'm actually getting the hang of it. *I'm appreciating at the end of the day, I'm complaining that it's just far too much food to eat in one day!!! *I sat down and completely wrapped up that project for Megabeth so that my plate is clear to play in JenGie. *My commitment to my aliveness has become bigger than anything else in my life. *While I'm realizing that people are dropping out of my life because of my aliveness commitment and I feel sad about it, I also feel joyful because the people who are showing up MATCH my aliveness! -So grateful for the life I'm creating.

Grace in Small Things

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