Saturday, August 01, 2009

Appreciation #135 & 136/365

*Being a woman. *Good dreams. *the smell of Jergens Original Scent lotion. *Cell phones. Ain't they magical! *MY NEW CAR! *The quiet of the house this morning. *The ease with which JenGie Creations is coming together. WOW! Completely without a hitch this time around! *Gaining an understanding of "all in due time." *Discovering I actually DO have patience! WOW! *Photography. *Happy clients. *Creating magic. *Excited to actually be LIVING and THRIVING in my life, rather than surviving. *FEELING happy! *Excellent dinner at my favorite restaurant. Noticing that it was so delicious that I was actually singing to myself and swaying in my seat while enjoying it all. *Being uninhibited enough to actually quietly sing and sway while eating dinner! *Enjoying myself BECAUSE I was quietly singing and swaying while eating dinner. LOL -Man! I am SO loving my life!!!

Grace in Small Things

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