Friday, July 24, 2009

Appreciation #128/365

*Hearing my best friend declare the new direction for her life. *Feeling the full range of my emotions all at once during that conversation. *Feeling the tidal wave impact her and, reflectively, me. *Feeling fully inadequate for matching her. *Feeling angry that I am now faced with "one more" huge thing, when it feels like I just got my feet under me again. *Being committed to doing whatever it takes. *Realizing that the Universe is on its own timeline and has more belief in my ability to do whatever it takes than I do. *Understanding what her declaration means for her AND me. *Feeling excited to take it on for myself and wondering what ripples I will create. *Being surrounded by so many geniuses whose goal is to live fully in their genius. *Witnessing how that energy is uplifting each of us. -Feeling so grateful to be alive AND so completely surprised that I CAN do what is being asked of me RIGHT NOW.

Grace in Small Things

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