Thursday, July 16, 2009

Appreciation #121/365

*Going to see Harry today. YAY! *So excited about my life and watching my Gifts unfold! *Experiencing the amazing miracles that flow through my hands. *Playing big and easefully. *Learning that life CAN be easeful. *Creating safety for myself by simply speaking the unarguable truth. *Sleeping instead of training at night. *Wondering that leads to surprisingly simple answers. *Friends who are willing to share their learnings with me. *Finally understanding that I CAN learn through other's experiences with out having to create my own same experience. Yay! Really happy about that one! -Loving my life!

Grace in Small Things


Kathlene and Jerry said...

Hey Angie just wanted to say I was thinking of you and hoping you have joy in your life. Thanks for sharing in our lives. Love you.
Jerry & Kathlene and the gang

Phoenix Touch said...

Thank you, Aunt Kathy! I love you.

Genius Community Nest