Monday, June 08, 2009


Realization: I AM a workshop junkie. I am as addicted to taking workshops and participating in self-improvement things as I am to ordering stuff from late-night infomercials. I got it with the infomercials, though. I just don't watch them. Problem solved. However, I LOVE learning! I LOVE IT! I also love teaching and they say that the greatest teachers are the best students, so maybe I'm on to something. What I'm noticing though is I really have a difficult time saying no to these workshops. When I am participating in a community committed to growing and genius, I find that the energy I'm playing in is attracting more stuff to make me greater. I've spent tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours pursuing this passion and I can't just turn off the television, cuz this ain't on television. It's real life. It's MY life.

In session the other day, my guides actually said, "You CAN go to workshops for your whole life, Angie. You CAN keep learning and never learn it all. It's a great distraction from BEING. When are you going to start BEING?"

Being... being... being.

It's the message I keep getting and I feel sad that I'm not comprehending it. I want to ask... HOW???! How do I BE? Is that even possible, to DO "being"?

I am willing to admit that all of these classes and workshops and ALC and and and are all part of keeping me OUT of being because it gives me something to focus my doing on. I feel sad about that and wonder... what now?

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