Friday, June 05, 2009

Hello? Earth?

WOW! Soooo THIS is what Earth looks like! WOW!

Ye-eah... it seems that I am still integrating my experience from the Creative Explosion. My words have ALL disappeared and I have found myself in a space of pure experiencing. I have sat down several times to write about my experience of the workshop and performance and... nothin'! I have sat down to blog. Nothin'. I have moved around, pondering my next Meditaiton. Nothin'. No words for any kind of writing. It is quite bizarre.

Even this post here feels like a stretch. My fingers are not finding the correct keys. My brain is on fire and, yet, the words are not coming down through the pipelines in congruent sentences. I'm writing this and the letters are spelling different words than the ones I had been able to conjur. There are letters showing up in places that there aren't supposed to be letters. I am completely baffled.

It took me TEN MINUTES to write that stuff above!!! And, if I hadn't edited the previous words I've gotten down, it would have looked something like this: ISD amda sf tyriahngi to write athieobna; dia lak asijhdbnek Islksdkii LIdkshpoadf;eiumanf corrsadfessaesct asklthis this lkenan ieksp wrknsigh asokthi people adancing and a purlelxd,m thonag a dk. Ingaierhtaign amy dka ;os k Creiat avie Eplskcosion askieign with asJakd creat;eds asnmm amziaing transdfaweormation. If eweel like aI have maddse some asHUGaskE stridewsa in asdf ...

See what I mean!

Sooooo... while I'm REALLY wanting to share with you all about MY experience of this past weekend, it's coming out in some other language - which, in and of itself is perfect for where *I* am, but doesn't do much for clarifying for you. LOL

This is what I DO know...
I am changed.
I am open.
I am witty and spontaneous.
I laugh more frequently and easily.
I now feel creative in ways different from my standard creative ways.
I am a leader and do so easily, lovingly.
I am quick and intuitive and able to follow the flow of improv surprisingly well to create magical experiences on my own and with others.
I LOVE teaching.
I am willing to try everything in the creative realm, at least once.
I am comfortable in my own space, on my own.
I have beautiful wings that are very strong.
I am observant and catch details that most people miss.
I am a genius story TELLER.
I am comfortable on stage.
I am amazing at holding space.
I have a brilliant body that communicates clearly to me.
I am surprising.
I am on earth.

(45 minutes later, I think that is legible.) omg

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