Friday, June 19, 2009

Appreciation #96 & 97/365

***sigh*** *Feeling like I am dying in the ER and discovering that I'm in "perfect health." The final diagnosis: vasovagal syncope. *Grateful for EMT's, my daughter, the restaurant we were in and how lovingly and quickly everyone handled me. *Being forgotten in the monstrous IHC hospital's ER once they declared me "well" which gave me several hours of good relating time with my brother. *Friends and family who stopped everything in their lives to come to the hospital to hold space for me to return to. *Friends and family who held space for me in their own homes. *Reassuring answers and clear information. *My daughter's love. *My own curiosity about my own choices. *Being unable to satisfy others with my answers, but feeling full satisfied on my own. *The sun in the morning and the rain at night. -Grateful to be alive!

Grace in Small Things


Who's B? said...

So happy to hear you are okay....

Phoenix Touch said...

Thank you, B!

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